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We provide a complete analysis of your resume for maximum discoverability amongst recruiters. Remember, getting shortlisted is the hardest part that is simple.

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All our questions are hand picked by our experts through careful screening and selection. We only ask the questions that are relevant to the top tech companies like Google and Amazon.

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Our interviewers spend an extra half hour at the end, to give you an honest and comprehensive feedback of your performance.

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When people with solid technical skills get rejected because of trivial reasons like getting nervous or panicking, it makes us sad. So we are on a mission to help people rock their technical interviews. We mock the technical interview setting to the best of our abilities and allow you to have a taste of what it's like in that interview room.

Practice makes a man (and a woman) perfect.
-- Unknown

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We believe in helping our clients build the best possible skills and hence we try our best to remain updated with the recent trends in the industry. Our questions are always fresh and based on real interview problems from companies like google, amazon and microsot. We have helped over 50 people rock their interviews and we have no intention of slowing down.

Driven by our mission, we offer full refund if the interview is not conducted to your satisfaction.

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